Friday, October 24, 2008

And in the wierdness category...

Larry Flint - of Hustler 'fame' - is making a porno film about Sarah Palin. Entitled, Who's Nailin' Paylin?, the film stars the busty Lisa Ann as the GOP VP nominee. I'm sure the plot of the film is not a very complex one, nor do I imagine that it paints a flattering political picture of the real Sarah Palin. However, it's not because of the technical merits of the film that I'm writing, but about some quotes from an interview with the (perhaps now infamous) actress about the woman she is portraying.
Q. Any more [catch-phrases]? Maverick? And uh...
A. All you Joe Six-packs out there... I love that one. And of course, I'm a hockey-mom ... we also need to add a soon-to-be hockey illegitemate grand-mom. It's a good one to throw in there - one she doesn't say, but she should.
Q. What do you think of Sarah yourself?
A. Oh, I think she's out of her mind. This smoke smile is nothing to [unclear] cannot be satisfied with that."

Q. You've got any questions for Sarah?
A. Sarah, I've been what kind of panties you wear. What your sex life is like, and I'm hoping you embrace your inner MILF. And allow me to represent your bootie on my site, because I think you're hot.

Q. Do you think Sarah'll be watching the film?
A. I'm not sure she'll be watching the film, but I'm sure she's gonna to find out about it. I don't think she's gonna be that thrilled.
Lisa Ann apparently did her homework in 'boning up' for the part (sorry - couldn't resist) by watching the VP debates "over-and-over" as well as Tina Fey's portrayals of Palin, but "the sex is all secondary and second-nature to [her]."

Video contains no nudity, but does have a busty woman with cleavage showing.

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