Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Thunderf00t on "How to lose a TRILLION dollars"

End message: Deregulation got us into this economic mess. McCain and many Republicans supported deregulation. McCain wants us to bail out Wall St. to the tune of $3000 - after he helped cause this problem. (side note: Obama also wants to bail out the economy, but he didn't have a hand in causing it; he didn't have a 20+ year record of supporting financial deregulation.) This is really shitty for the next many years, and no future president will have an easy time coming out of this problem. (side note: for those people who call Democrats "tax-and-spend", the Republicans have just created the largest tax burden on the American people, and with all of it going to pay for breaking even! Not schools. Not highways. Not bridges. Not the military. Not energy. BREAKING EVEN! If you want to label Democrats "tax-and-spend" then lets call this group of Republicans "cut-and-bail" (for "cutting taxes" and "bailing out Wall St when it all goes to shit".)

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