Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joe the Plumber

I feel sorry for "Joe the Plumber". During last night's presidential candidates' debate, I felt that he was the belle at the debutante ball. (**barf**) First McCain cited him as a person who would suffer under Obama's tax plan. Then Obama told Joe (via the TV) that McCain was wrong, and his tax plan would do no such thing to people like Joe.

Joe showed up twice more during the debate. His first return citation was during a discussion about the current economic crisis and the second was with Obama's health-care plan.

Who is Joe the Plumber? Well, Zina Saunders has already made a picture of him comemorating how he usurped the position of Palin's "Joe Sixpack" (who himself had a brief attempt on his position by Joey Danco, courtesy of Biden), who was himself the usurper of John Q Public.

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