Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Obama in Obama

As part of my semi-regular writing topic, I am including this nice story coming out of my other nation - Japan. There is a small town in Japanese called Obama (小浜). Throughout much of this past US presidential campaign, this town has gone Barack Obama-crazy. They sent the candidate a pair of lucky chopsticks (what they were known for prior to having a US president with the same name... and likely becoming more than a casual speck on the map of Japan) back in February (or January) and received a nice letter from Obama, which included the Japanese sign off: あなたの友達 [Barack Obama].

I expect that they are hoping for a personal visit by the 44th President once he is able to travel to Japan. We'll see if that happens. (I sure hope it does.)

In English

Kind of in English

In Japanese

In Japanese

In Japanese

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