Thursday, November 06, 2008

Palin's deficiences becoming exposed

I think that there will be more finger-pointing down the road. This first one, though, is not too surprising in the big-picture; the implications, though, are staggering:

I had thought - and I said as much - that Palin had laughable foreign policy experience (let alone foreign experience). Seems like the former McCain staffers are saying that she didn't know Africa was not a single country and which countries are in NAFTA. These are two things I had to learn in 7th grade (when NAFTA was still on-the-table)! These are not new. These are not "gotcha" issues.

If she didn't know about the implications of French, British, and Belgian colonialism in Sub-Saharan African politics that would be one thing. If she didn't know about the problems of apartheid in South Africa, that would be another thing (less forgivable in my book). If she didn't know about the causes of the Ethiopian civil war that led to massive famine in the mid-1940s, that is another thing still (even less forgivable in my book than the lack of knowledge of S. African apartheid). But that she apparently DIDN'T KNOW that Africa is NOT A COUNTRY? Boggles the mind.

The reporter said it right: it was a Hail-Mary pass. Unfortunately, governance has more long-term implications for those Hail-Mary passes than in football. (Hell, a single Hail-Mary pass is unlikely to give you four more years of good football; and football has an off-season for recovery. In contrast, politics is continuous and has NO off-season.)


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Anonymous said...

Like I posted (as ebina2) in the Fairbanks newspaper (, "what [was] McCain thinking?"