Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Why am I not really surprised?

A story from the Huffington Post: Right-wing bloggers not really the best-of-sports (and that's putting it really nice).

Again, I personally lay this at the feet of McCain/Palin. It was their fear/hate mongering that lead to the condoning of this sort of angry rhetoric. Of course, this only also goes to show how much out-of-touch the GOP is with Real Americans (as opposed to Sarah Palin's "real" Americans). I mean what the frick:

Obama won around 52 percent of the popular vote, defeating John McCain by between five and six points. That's nothing like the true landslides of the past: Reagan by ten points in 1980 and 18 in 1984; Nixon by 23 in 1972; or even Bush by eight in 1988. And yet, with hindsight, it is remarkable how much Obama had going for him. After breaking his pledge to take public financing he raised more money, by far, than any Presidential candidate in history, outspending McCain nearly two to one. Millions of new voters, many of them minority voters, were registered, and they went heavily for Obama. Obama enjoyed the monolithic support of the entertainment industry and was something of a fad among the young. He benefited greatly from being an African-American; the idea that his victory would be a good thing for America, on that ground, was widespread even among his opponents. He ran largely against a retiring President who, for three years, has rarely seen his name appear in a sentence that did not include the word "unpopular." He had the active support of essentially 100 percent of the nation's news media. And, perhaps most important, he benefited from a financial crisis that struck at the most opportune moment (for him) and was unfairly blamed on the Republicans by most voters.
Despite all of this, Obama mustered only a five-point win.
Wha...? This peeves me (even though ideologically I can't stand them), because it will waste a whole bunch of time and effort in keeping a large number of people (who - for greater or lesser reasons - have decided to tune in to these bloggers for their opinion of the world) in the dark by consciously trying to deny the new reality in which we reside. What happened to all those people who said that God would decide what would be best for America? (If that were true, then wouldn't that mean that God decided that Obama should be President, and that you should accept it?) What happened to all those people who were so sure that they would win? (Oh, yeah. They conflated their desire with reality - something that has been happening to them more and more often.)

I do, of course, want to see how much "Presidential deference" Fox News ends up showing to Obama come January and beyond...

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