Saturday, November 29, 2008

Some Thanksgiving-Weekend photography

The city of Ann Arbor clears out during Thanksgiving (at least it seems that way east of Main Street). While cycling in town to get ready for prelims on Thanksgiving Day, as well as on my to write my prelims yesterday and today (and on my way home), I took some photos of things I just happened to see.
Empty Huron Street looking west

Empty Huron Street looking east

You know the economy is bad when you see this...

New really low signage telling where things are... (It's really low if you are tall and riding a tall bicke. I know I won't hit my head on the sign, but it is just a little too close for comfort.)

Green house on 1st Street has lotsof knick-knacks outside.

This used-to-be-red house on Spring Road has even more knick-knacks than the green house above.

Ahh, the University Graduate Library's north stacks. (Very short ceilings and narrow staircases make me glad that I don't have an office down here...) Okay, so I didn't cycle down here, but I did cycle to get to the Hatcher Library...

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you make me so happy with these lovely postings