Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bing doesn't see this blog...

I just found out something interesting. Doing a search for "Umlud" on Bing doesn't come up with this blog. It comes up with comments (and commentary about my comments) in other blogs, but apparently - at least for right now - blogspot blogs don't show up (I found the same lack of a link to my Saginaw Forest blog).
Bing search 1

Even when I put in Umlud blogspot you don't get my blog:
Bing search 2

Even when I put in (the fricken' URL itself!) you don't get my blog; you get NOTHING!:
Bing search 3

Is this a giant conspiracy on Bing's part, since blogspot is owned by Google, one of Bing's big competitors? Just to see if this was an "anti-blog" thing (at least against free blog sites), I went to, found the (at the time) lead blog (Shizuoka Gourmet), and did a search for it ... and found, well, not the actual main page, but at least it exists:
Bing search 4

So... how is Bing supposed to be a better search engine than Google (let alone a competitive one)?

UPDATE: According to a friend of mine who knows more about these things than I do, it's more likely that Bing just hasn't found this blog yet. (Boo~!) Other blogspot blogs that have more traffic to them seem to be visible in Bing (although the use of blogspot as a search term doesn't actually help), and obscure wordpress blogs aren't necessarily on Bing. I suppose that if I wanted to do a comparison of the rather obscure Umlud, I should go to a site that does side-by-side comparisons.

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