Monday, January 04, 2010

The problem of not drinking coffee

Sometime near the start of December, I just stopped drinking coffee. I had worked myself up to drinking a whole pot of coffee in the morning -- and it not really affecting me. Today, I had two cups of coffee (one kinda shitty cup from the Fleetwood and another strong cup of Bolivian coffee from Sweetwaters) and now I'm just all jittery.

And from only TWO CUPS! I suppose I have two choices now: drink more coffee in order to regain my immunity to the caffeine or just moderate the amount of coffee that I drink. Hrm... I wonder which one I should do, because I really do like coffee, but I just can't be arsed with making it in the morning most days, and I don't want to spend up to $2.50 for 20 oz. of the stuff at cafes in town. (I need to figure out how much of a cost-savings it is to brew my own coffee...)


Okko said...

At times I refuse to drink any coffee for extended period of times because I refuse to accept what a complete imbecile idiot I am compared to when I do drink it. Sometimes the difference between solving a problem in 20 minutes vs 2 days is a cup of coffee, and that scares me.

Umlud said...

Sometimes the difference between writing a blog post in 1 hour and 5 minutes is something that also scares me.

(So do the shakes that only accompany a couple of cups of coffee after a long spell without coffee.)

tall penguin said...

I'm not a fan of coffee so when I do drink it, it's like Speed for me. People at work will notice because I'll be buzzing like a hummingbird (moreso than usual).

It's fun to use on occasion for that very purpose but I can't see it becoming a regular thing. Because really I dislike the bitterness of coffee and the amount of sugar I must use to make it palatable is probably much worse than the coffee itself.

It's a legal drug. Nuff said.