Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sore muscles and a wonderful massage

My log-chopping activities from yesterday meant that I was going around today with a sore back. I suppose one lesson here is that I should be more careful about how I conduct strenuous physical activities, in terms of how much work I take up, the pace of that work, and the physicality of that work. For example, if I took two hours yesterday instead of one hour, the pace of the work would have been a lot more easy-going and think that my back wouldn't have been so bad.

Luckily I was in town, and luckily, too, I was able to walk into the Relax Station massage parlor and get a 30 minute back masage. And ... mmmm! Delicious, on the edge of pain at times, but after 30 minutes, I felt completely rejuvenated, and ready to chop up some more fallen timber (as silly as that might sound).

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