Monday, January 04, 2010

Used Zipcar... loved it!

Zipcar shoppingToday was my first opportunity to use Zipcar, and I loved it. I went online and was able to reserve a car only 20 minutes before I picked it up, and then I was able to go around and do all my shopping (Trader Joe's, TrueValue Hardware) and purchase so much stuff that I wouldn't have been able to do it all on my own on my bike, except for doing it over four or five trips, even with all four panniers. (The photo on the left was taken after my Trader Joe's shopping. I had yet to go to TrueValue to pick up 40 lbs of bird seed, a push-broom, and three boxes of fire-starter logs.)

... and I was also able to buy a push broom (something that I didn't really want to purchase and ride along while carrying it on my bike).

Then, while I was leaving the forest, I was able to haul out a bunch of trash: success! Although it added nearly $17 to my total shopping bill of the day, it was well worth it. Especially if I don't have to go out and purchase more stuff -- hopefully for the rest of this month (at least not in bulk).

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