Thursday, November 25, 2010

At SMEE day 1 part3


El congreso sufre de una gran cosa: timing that is too optimistic. There is no lunch break scheduled, nor are there any breaks scheduled between sessions. This means that very few people are here for the first presentation of mesa 2.

Además, el auditorio only has hard surfaces, which means that el sonido de la sala afuera el auditorio reverberates inside the auditorio. Still, este problema es menor en comparison with the one outlines above.

Cuando se está senrtando a una mesa, la problema del tiempo no es muy obvio. Se solo ve una tabla and fill it in. Sin embargo, es importante que se recuerde que las personas en el congresso no son maquinas, and it seems like a person who didn't have much experience with logistics put the while thing together.

I have been to many conferences and know that it is important to plan for some free time, especially given the limitations of the venue (here, it is that there is only one auditorium with loud, sliding doors, poor lighting options for PowerPoint presentations, and no sound-dampening). If people had such time as to take a break, it will actually be more productive (provided that breaks are written into the program), and it will be less likely that sessions are cut short due to people dropping away for a break. In a venue with only a single auditorium, this is even more important.

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