Thursday, November 25, 2010

At SMEE day 1 part4


We just got back from eating... And that was a trial: first we had to buy a ticket for the food (which did turn out to be wonderful, btw), begging the question of what the registration fee covered; find our way to where the food was being served, making one wonder why none of the organizers knew how to get to where we were going, provide temporary signage, or give better directions of how to go and return; and once we were there, no one made sure of the time to keep us on the very optimistic schedule.

We are now almost an hour behind schedule, full, and going into two more long sessions... I will be surprised if we all get over the finish line together.

However, as to the food: it was really quite good. Many examples of pre-Columbian (aka prehispanica) foods from Mexico, including rana con nopales, omlettes de juevos de pez, algo pasta picante, mole rojo, tamales de frijoles y arroz. También, tuvo jugo de jamaica (juice of the hibiscus), y desde fue muy dulce, añadí agua.

The walk back to the main building took us along a different path than the one we took out to lunch, but it wound back on itself, through a series of archways and past decrepit benches, surrounded on both sides by tall reeds glowing in the slowly setting Mexican autumnal sun.

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