Sunday, November 28, 2010

Musical night


After our light meal at the barf in the Blue Palace, Rafys and I looked into different options for clubbing or music. Going on the advice fron the Lonely Planet guide for Mexico City, we chose four places: to near the Palace, and two further away.

We went to the first - an underground jazz venue, but didn't really feel like each paying the 200 peso cover, and walked along to the next - a reggae dance club. It had security that was a little invasive (full pat down and search of our bags) but only had a 30 peso cover. After we went upstairs and had danced and drank a beer, we decided to leave, to catch the last train to the Condesa neighborhood to try out the other two places.

We arrived at Ruta 61, a live blues place, and decided to stay: the bad was really solid, and we both got into the music.

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