Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Cycling out to the Polo Fields this morning was definitely harder than going out for the primaries. The sub-freezing temperatures still held enough humidity to make it slightly too nippy on the way out, coasting down the hill to the fields, reaching a cold, eye-watering 27 mph.

Going to vote!The sun was brightening the sky and I headed to the polling place, and (unlike the massive lines that almost always met me at Bach School) it was nearly empty of voters; people much more leisurely entering the room, with little of the frantic atmosphere present in my old polling place.

I voted and left, heading slowly back up hill, generating heat and getting back to my cabin, steaming from metabolic heat. Still, maintaining an average speed of 9.5mph while climbing the 150 feet of elevation wasn't too bad... (No, not great, but for my bike, not too bad.)

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