Monday, June 04, 2007

According to the link above, the (imaginatively named) 202 South Thayer Building "will house the [LS&A] departments of Asian Languages and Culture ..., Near-Eastern Studies, ... Judaic Studies, ... [and] the Humanities Institute."

Based on the name of the building, I would imagine that the "U" is waiting for either one of their president (or a leading dean of a housed department) to retire, or for someone to provide lots of money to name a building. Of course, you could say that I'm cynical, but it seems this is pretty much the only way that buildings get named here.

The building that used to stand here was a three-story house that had been converted to be an "Annex" building for China Studies (or was it Asian Languages and Culture?). The building was demolished so that (presumably) the Frieze Building could be demolished without having any departments becoming orphaned.

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