Friday, June 29, 2007


I only have one thing to say to all those who call themselves "good Christians" and want to kick out all immigrants: get your Bible and read Exodus 22:20-23 and Exodus 23:9. (There are likely similar passages elsewhere in the Bible, but I was reading through bits of Exodus.)

If you want to take the Bible as gospel (here I mean "unquestionable truth", as opposed to the "Four Gospels"), and the word of God, you cannot pick-and-choose the passages you want; conveniently ignoring (or remaining ignorant of) those that do not support your position.

(To give you an glimpse of how many laws of God that contemporary Americans do not follow, consider that if you are a good Christian that makes investments or provides money to institutions that provide loans, you are going directly against the word of God ; just read Exodus 22:25. The book of Exodus is replete with laws of God that many Americans no longer follow.)

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Orcboy said...


Whaddya think Christians are, Jews? That's just crazy talk.