Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Not raining (and breakfast at Angelo's)

So, I suppose it isn't raining this morning. (Yay!) I got up early to eat breakfast at Angelo's (since I haven't eaten there for a while).

Listening to the radio, today is the day that Gordon Brown becomes the British Prime Minister (just heard it on the radio). Go Gordo! (I suppose it isn't very good to call the new PM something that is homonymous with the Spanish word for "Fat Man", but it is also the shortened form of "Gordon.")

If you had fond memories of eating at Angelo's, then I must tell you that the bread is still good, and (if you haven't been in A2 for a while) it is the only piece of private enterprise in the area now (the shops behind it have been gone since before I came to A2 in 2002 and the shops across the street are closed and waiting to be demolished). It is impossible to get in on Sunday mornings, but apparently at 7AM on a Wednesday, it is next to empty.

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