Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ann Arbor Summer Festival

Yesterday I stopped by the Ann Arbor Summer Festival and watched a bit of Jeremy Kittel's performance with his band (all the way from Saline via New York City). Many (many) people were arrayed out in front of the stage, making finding seating difficult. I ended up talking with people on the side of the stage area, in front of the "beer garden" area.

There was - of course - the very expensive food: slices of pizza from the local Cottage Inn; "Mexican" food from Tios; ice cream from Stuccis, and coffee from Sweetwaters.

On the way home Shannon and I stopped by at the Monkey Bar, which happened to have all-you-can eat tacos on Tuesdays (and Mondays) for only $5.99! I'll have to go again, since I could have eaten more than 7 tacos if I hadn't had my $2.00 moderately-sized slice of Cottage Inn pizza.

(Thanks to earlier rains and brisk winds yesterday, the temperature had cooled off somewhat, making my morning commute to the Dana building much more bearable.)

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