Thursday, May 17, 2012

Back from Toronto: Thanks to two friends (one old, one new)

I just got back from Toronto. A big thanks to Herr B.D. for letting me stay at his flat and for letting me borrow his bike to go all about the city. Showing me around Kensington Market helped me get some munchies for the train trip today. I hope that we can meet up again to chat and have a great time again (and hopefully use an opportunity to have another design-build on something to make it quietly awesome). Vielen Dank, Herr B.D.!

A big thanks, too, to Ms. TallPenguin for giving me some really great options for eating, seeing, and biking. Also, thanks to her for the great idea of joining to see A Streetcar Named Desire: I had never seen it, and it was ... "WOAH...", and her friendliness to an (up to then) next-to-complete stranger. However, I feel that I must apologize (again) for the exuberance with which I played devil's advocate over wonderfully delicious crepes and tasty beer afterward. I have been told that I can be somewhat overbearing in a conversation. :P Still, one more heartfelt, "Thank you!" to Tall Penguin, and I hope that we can do it again sometime.

Now that I'm back safely ensconced in the forest, I can think again about the things that I have to do tomorrow: work, clean, work.

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