Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Phrasal verbs using "Up" and "Down"

The Amazing Atheist recently did a video about phrasal verbs using "Up" and "Down". To English-as-a-foreign-language people, phrasal verbs are often difficult to learn, since the meanings often have secondary meanings that have little direct meaning to the preposition connected to the verb.

See if you can understand Amazing Atheist's final sentence before you watch the video.
[You] wanted her to go down, but first you had to go up [to her apartment]. And even though the party was winding down, you still had to get through people who were getting down, only to find that you had to get her up. And by then you couldn't get it up. And when her boyfriend arrived all wound up, you knew that you were going down, so you had to get up the courage to throw down. But you wound up throwing up instead. Isn't that fucked up?

(NOTE: the video is kinda NSFW due to language.)

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