Monday, May 14, 2012

Why do I bike (part 43)

There's nothing like the feeling of wind on your face as you go sweeping through the landscape.

Today, I wake up in Toronto, in a neighborhood near to the university, and - looking out the window - I see literally LOADS of cyclists riding along the main avenue. Yesterday - Mother's Day - I also saw many people cycling along the roadways throughout the areas of the downtown that my friend and I walked through.

Happily, my friend, BD, has a second bike - a folding bike - that he lent me for my stay these few days, and we took a 13-mile trip out to Toronto's High Park, along the lake shore, and back along the avenues of the city. In some ways, it was more easy to ride the roads of the big city of Toronto than it is to ride the streets of Ann Arbor. I cannot imagine that a major part of it is not due (in large part) to the sheer number of bikes on the roads in Toronto compared to Ann Arbor. (And I thought that Ann Arbor was a relatively bike-friendly city.) Also (and this might be due to the location where I'm staying), there are MANY bike stores in the region, thus feeding the number of bikes and the bike interest. Also, there is cycling infrastructure at street crossings, even further giving a greater (and obvious) nod to cyclists.

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