Friday, September 05, 2008

A good info-toon on homosexuality and choice

Well, I think it's a good info-toon on the subject. I like the end bit where the disclaimer says, "The information found in this educational cartoon is based on studies that can be found in any university library... with the possible exception of Bob Jones University in South Carolina."

The second YouTube is an "Oh, Really" interview of Eric Marcus. Oh Really doesn't actually shout down Mr. Marcus, but he does cut him off several times and make (imho) stupid claims:

"I don't care what you guys do or what lesbians do... it doesn't matter in private. But I don't like the fact that there's a segment of the gay population that's in your face... my face... kid's faces... religious people's faces - who don't approve of the lifestyle. Christians have a right to not approve of the lifestyle."

Ummm...  Yes, Mr. Oh Really. Christians are allowed to not approve of the lifestyle. However, Christians are not allowed to dictate against the civil liberties of others just because they don't like that group. The rest of the interview plays out as you might expect: Oh Really cuts his guest off several times, interjects his own point-of-view, closes with a confrontation about whether his point-of-view is correct, and then ends the segment. However, with the guest sitting right across the table from him, Oh Really wasn't able to be as bombastic and in-your-face as he sometimes does get when he's remotely interviewing someone.

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