Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rush did too-good of a job

Rush Limbaugh is, among other things, [in]famous for coining the term "fami-nazi" and one might argue overthrowing the concept of "feminism" as an idea that men and women are equal. From Sociological Images: lisa briefly outlines how Rush's tactic really worked in the everyday discourse of what defines "feminism" in the United States today.

Of course, Rush is now a tragedy of his own success: in successfully and forcefully batting down the idea of feminism as the concept of "women = men" to "femi-nazi", he is now left in a struggle to equate Palin with "successful woman" without having people raise eyebrows over this connection (check out the video over at Sociological Images. His (and other right-wingers') arguments about how women (specifically Gov. Palin) should be treated with decency and respect, or without sexist ideas really is the height of irony, ranking right up there with Republican 'non-mavericks' having to support their 'maverick' candidate (who you might argue is only maverick in name, now that he is supporting the 'conventional' Republican president over this $700 billion bail-out).

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