Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Onion: where would we be without it?

Where would the world of so much cynicism and despair be without The Onion? Apart from a friend of mine who says that she doesn't care for onions - except when they are in French Onion Soup (boiled and rendered down to just their sweet flavorings), I personally find onions quite enlivening. And to paraphrase Shrek, "Onions have layers."

Anywho... did you ever get the feeling standing there at the supermarket checkout, gazing with mirrored eyes at the magazine rack in front of you, that you had, indeed, seen that particular "new" issue of Cosmopolitan magazine before? I mean, you are absolutely sure that the lead story - "How to sexually please your man" - was something that you had seen on a previous month's magazine? It makes you start to wonder how original these stories really are month-to-month.

Well, The Onion has done some investigation, and on their morning news show, they were able to bring in one of Cosmopolitan's head researchers into male sexual pleasure. In the clip, the history of male sexual pleasing (after all, many of the stories seem to be about that) is discussed.


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