Thursday, September 18, 2008

The occasional silliness of branding.

So... watching Hardball right now, and their Republican punditer person saying that Obama was making fun of Palin using the lipstick comment, because Palin basically owned it once she mentioned "lipstick" in context of "hockey mom" and "bulldog". Therefore (I assume) the use of the term "lipstick" by anyone else is off limits.

This is about as stupid as people not being able to say anything like "rolling stone" or "moss" if Obama ever made a statement that his hair is as soft as moss (or something as stupid as the hockey mom joke). If he only does make that statement, then Obama can call foul whenever McCain says that Obama is not about change (since the phrase "rolling stone gathers no moss" refers to change, but if Obama says that his hair is like moss, then he can claim that the argument against change is a personal attack about his (Obama's) hair style). Hopefully, though, Obama won't do this... because: The stupid. It burns.

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