Friday, July 06, 2007

Around Ann Arbor

Over the Fourth of July week, I was able to cycle around and take a number of photos of local buildings. (Many of these photos are stitched together.)

The new School of Public Health building arching over Washington Heights. On the right is Mary Markley Hall.

Observatory Lodge is currently being renovated. It will house the Department of Kinesiology.

University of Michigan's Detroit Observatory (it's just called the "Detroit" Observatory, and isn't actually in the city bearing that name).

The brand-spankin' new UM Hospital's Cardiac Unit

On North University looking at State Street.

Grizzly Peak (four shop fronts), Cafe Zola (two shop fronts). Yes, the fact that Grizzly Peak is now four shop fronts big means that the Del Rio is no longer. (Sorry.)

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