Saturday, July 21, 2007

Fart Fair Day 4

Today is a day of Art Fair finals. It is a perfect day for actually having an street art fair. "Perfect" because it is not too hot, it isn't raining, it's a weekend, and all the people waiting for Harry Potter can be relaxed that they have the book in their little hands.

Just after lunch, I took some photos of the crowds in the two places that I took photos for the past three days. As you can see, it is NOT completely crowded (as in, say Hong Kong crowded). There is still a lot of room to walk around in (if it was just possible for people to walk appropriately in a crowd).

I was talking with some friends yesterday, and they all agreed with my assessment of the average Art Fair crowd person/pod of people: once people come to Art Fair, they seem to forget how to walk and pay attention to anything happing around them. As they walk down the aisles of stalls, they move at a snail's pace, aimlessly drifting left or right (if they drove like this, any police officer would pull them over on suspicion of DUI).

People also agreed that there was a major similarity amongst Art Fair attendees, or more specifically, the attendees' mid-sections. (See if you can figure it out for yourselves. Go on, you're bright people.)

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