Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Setting up for Fart Fair (one day to go)

Today, I was unable to take a photo at the same location as yesterday, thanks to the setting-up of the greasy food mall. I have taken the "before" photos of a few locations on State St and Liberty St. Enjoy. (I took these photos with an increasing sense of dread caused by impending Fart Fair.)

What I expect you to see in tomorrow's photos is a large number of people milling and moving slowly between the tents that will be sett up today. On Liberty St. (left), there should be a large number of craft-y types of things being sold, and Borders isn't going to miss the opportunity to sell books in a tent outside their store.

Meanwhile, at the intersection of State Street with North University, you should expect tomorrow to see a number of food tents as Red Hawk and Amer's take advantage of the masses' almost insatiable hunger for (not only art, but) food. The number of people milling around should be slightly less than on Liberty Street, if only because there is less art for sale, and I think that people will take less time to get food than look at art. (Of course, this may well not be the case once socially-induced mass-hunger occurs at around noon, when thousands of people, in a manner that would make Pavlov weak in the knees, match the time on their watches with a need to shove fried food into their mouths.) What this photo means to me is that I will have to bring my own lunch in tomorrow, as I don't want to wait an interminable time for food, nor do I want to have to pay significantly more for an item on the menu, only to find a smaller-than-normal serving arrive to greet me. (And I don't really find the presence of so many people shoving food into their mouths particularly appetizing.)

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