Thursday, July 19, 2007

Unhealthy Fish?

I'm sure that many people have heard about the great health benefits eating fish. However, recent studies have also shown medical problems with eating certain fishes and fishes from certain areas of the globe. With increasing understandings of overfishing, global warming, general pollution, stocking pollution, etc., additional concerns of sustainable harvesting and cooking methods need to be understood by more people.

Fish and other seafoods are increasingly being seen as a foodsource for the world's growing population. However, understanding where your food comes from is important. It is important because your fish may becoming endangered, contaminated, or unsustainably grown and harvested. I've recently seen a number of stories written by (who I feel are) credible sources about this topic.
I'm not saying that eating fish is not a good thing, but I am saying that everyone must look at the consequences of choosing what they eat. And in end, remember that eating local and lower on the food chain is better for the environment, and - quite often - better for your health.

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Fran├žois Blumenfeld said...

Waoo... thanks for this. I kept reading about the dangers of eating fish in scientific magazines, but none had specific references: this is quite scary.