Friday, July 13, 2007

UM Museum of Art

UMMA and additional construction.

This photo was taken from the LSA Building across the street from the UMMA*. According to the website when I posted this picture, the completion time is still "TBD." It looks like it will be a nice-looking glass structure. (The part of me that feels that form must follow function feels like this is a bad idea in so many ways - from energy use to security - but I am willing to keep an open mind about the addition's functionality.) I'm taking photos of the construction as it progresses, and (if I actually get around to doing it) I'll put up a photo slide show of the "growth" of the addition from ground level (I've decided not to annoy the nice people in the LSA building with daily photo-taking).

*UMMA, in this case, stands for "University of Michigan Museum of Art." It does not refer to the ancient Sumerian city of Umma, or the Arabic word for "community" or "nation": umma/ummah. This means that if you Googled "umma", on July 13, 2007, you would have had to have chosen the fourth option down.

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