Sunday, July 15, 2007

Shadow Art Fair

Shadow Art Fair in Ypsilanti

Yesterday evening, I went to the Shadow Art Fair at the Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti, MI. As a lead-up to the Ann Arbor [F]Art Fair (see previous posts), this is a chance for smaller purveyors to get a chance to sell stuff. Many of the items that I saw fell more in the "fringe" sort of art and crafts. (What do I mean by "fringe"? Well, you will have to go and check it out next year, but I basically mean t-shirts, stickers, badges, and chotchkies.) Hopefully, this will end up being a larger event in years to come, since I would possibly be more interested in buying stuff if there was greater variety. However, since I don't normally want to acquire more stuff, this may well not be the case, as well.

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