Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fart Fair Day 2

Today's rains meant an opportunity to take photos of a rarity at Art Fairs: people hustling around in ponchos, raincoats, umbrellas, plastic bags, etc.

Of course, once I got on the streets, many people had been able to get shelter in stores and restaurants. Unfortunately, for many artists, this meant that there was a definite lull in people's buying/viewing of their stuff.

I felt a little sorry for the people who were running all the restaurants and beergardens. In these places of shelter, I doubt that servers were actually bringing more food and beer to people who didn't want to go back out in the rain.

The weather is supposed to be rainy through tonight, so it may continue to be slow for these people for some time... I wonder if the musical entertainers are having problems with all the humidity. (Or if the painters and photographers are also having a problem with all that dampness.)

Ah, well... All this rain will mean that our lab group will probably not be going out to have a fun-filled outing at the myriad art fairs. (All of the myriad art booths makes one wonder time and again, "Is there a difference between art, crafts, and schlock?")

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Nice pictures.